Welcome to Spearfishing Chronicles!


My name is Saul Reyes, and I’ll be taking you with me into my journey into the world of spearfishing!


To be completely honest, I have absolutely no prior knowledge and
experience with spearfishing. I am a college student doing a project with a group of 4 fellow students who also share my same level of spearfishing expertise (which is none). We were tasked with the challenge of researching the growing spearfishing industry and in turn developing that information into a marketing plan for Lost Winds.

Lost Winds is a newly opened dive shop and online store specializing in spearfishing. Based in San Clemente, Lost Winds officially opened in August of 2016 with founder Eric Martin spearheading the operations. Lost Winds is a dive shop that specializes in spearfishing equipment such as spearguns, pole spears, masks, snorkels, wetsuits, weights, fins, bags, knives and anything else you may need in your spearfishing adventures!.

This blog will be about my insights, thoughts, and fascinations as I continue to learn about all things spearfishing. Stay tuned.




For all of your spearfishing needs check out Lost Winds!

LW Logo_Master


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  1. Michael E says:

    Nice Spearfish


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