Spearfishing Starter Kit: What You Need To Get Started!


Have you had your interest piqued by spearfishing? Want to get started and hit the deep blue ocean right away? Hold on for a moment and read this brief overview of what you’ll need before hitting your local dive shop!


1. Education/Training

Like most niche hobbies, a person’s interest in spearfishing most likely began through a friend introducing them to it. Typically in these situations, that friend usually takes on the role as the mentor to their new “spearo”. For those of you who are going into this sport completely green without the benefit of an experienced friend, I recommend you do initial research on basic information for spearfishing. You should delve into the laws and regulations of the region you’ll be spearfishing in as well as taking heed of any personal tips you may receive from your local spearfishing retailer.

2. Speargun

If you have the means, I highly recommend that you invest in a quality speargun. As many users on reddit have pointed out to me, quality is what you should look for most in a speargun, despite being a beginner.

3. Wetsuit

The ocean is a cold and dangerous place. You need a reliable wetsuit that can keep you from freezing, sunburn, and random objects (rocks, jellyfish, reef, etc.) that can harm you while spearfishing.

4. Mask/Snorkel

The key factor in finding the right mask and snorkel for spearfishing is fit. It is highly recommended that you have sampled breathing with the mask and snorkel on. You should make sure you have as much visibility and comfort as possible.

5. Fins

Spearfishing fins are longer and narrower than the typical swimming fins you may be accustomed to. Similar to your mask and snorkel needs, fit is most important for fins.

6. Gloves

Spearfishing gloves are meant to protect your hands, similar to how the wetsuit protects your body. Gloves are important in enabling you to grip while underwater. With the proper gloves on you should have proper insulation, protection, and mobility.

7. Knife

Knives are meant to be a safety weapon and tool while you are spearfishing. This means that you’ll have the ability to safely and quickly dispatch fish or detach from potential tangling from rope or seaweed.




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