Spearfishing Shops & Stores!

As a student working on a group project for a new spearfishing shop, I would be remiss to not have a profile on the very shop I’m interning for!

Lost Winds in San Clemente, California.

Lost Winds is a spearfishing shop based in San Clemente, California and is also an online retailer for not only your spearfishing needs, but also your dive & surf needs. As a student that is part of a group, we are tasked with developing a marketing plan for Lost Winds. Considering that spearfishing is a very niche hobby and activity, their overall community is relatively small especially compared to more mainstream activities. Lost Winds aims to be the premier spearfishing retailer, both with their physical store and their online store.

The layout of the store could be described as more of a “showroom” rather than your traditional retail shop. As opposed to other spearfishing and dive shops my group have visited, Lost Winds, at least in our opinion, have the most aesthetically pleasing physical arrangement of their products. They have a very minimalistic approach, where products are displayed neatly and without the cluttered feel we have seen with other shops. The same design and aesthetic approach could be said for their online store

Lost Winds’ “showroom” approach to their store.

As you can see from these pictures, the products are spaced and displayed very cleanly. The arrangement is so that each product has ample “breathing space”. Other shops that my group has visited has had a cluttered and chaotic atmosphere to it, which could be very daunting and intimidating to look at as a customer.

In addition to the physical arrangement of the store, Lost Winds carries a lot of the premiere brands for spearfishing. Lost Winds is a proud carrier of Riffe, Cressi, Trident, HECS, among many others.

Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 5.23.43 PM.png
The clean, minimalistic, user-friendly approach could also be said for Lost Winds online store website.
Lost Winds carries premiere brands such as Riffe, Cressis, and HECS.

Every staff member of Lost Winds also can provide their expertise and knowledge regarding spearfishing. They boast years of experience with spearfishing including their thoughts and recommendations on equipment, locations, as well as game fish according to season.








For all of your spearfishing needs check out Lost Winds!

LW Logo_Master



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