Popular Spearfishing Brands!

Below are some popular brands within the spearfishing community!





“Cressi is a Family Owned Company that creates premium water sports products for people that love the water and the sea.

Our goal is to create the highest quality products, and our family’s name is molded into every product that we make.
Our priority is that everyone that uses a Cressi product, will enjoy his or her water sports experience.”

– via Cressi‘s website.


  • spearguns
  • wetsuits
  • a wide range of spearfishing accessories


“RIFFE INTERNATIONAL, INC. has earned the reputation for building a premier speargun for the Silent Hunter. Today, RIFFE is proud to offer their customers, not only the most advanced speargun, but a variety of diving accessories supporting all levels of diving. Our goal is to continue producing the highest quality products for the diving enthusiast.”

– via Riffe‘s website.


  • spearguns
  • wetsuits
  • a wide range of spearfishing accessories


“Wear HECS while hunting and get closer to deer, turkeys and other game. Many creatures have the ability to sense your electrical energy field. HECS blocks it with a conductive carbon fiber grid that is built into the fabric to channel away your electrical energy.”

– via HECS‘ website.


  • specialized wetsuits


“At Underwater Kinetics, we are committed to making the most innovative and efficient products on the market. In 1974, we were the company that invented the high-powered, small flashlight, revolutionizing the world of hand held lights. Our products continue to deliver the most cutting-edge technology, rugged durability, and superior performance.

Our products are lifetime investments. Thousands of satisfied UK customers have owned their light, case, or hanger for over 20 years. Even lights lost on the ocean floor and recovered years later still work! Only UK combines long-lasting reliability with ground-breaking design and ideas. We continue to do what we’ve always done best: innovate technology that raises the bar and blazes the path. Smaller. Lighter. Brighter. Better. It’s what we’re all about.”

– via Underwater Kinetic‘s website.


  • flashlights
  • cases
  • knives


“Since 2002, XS Scuba has surpassed industry standards to become an innovator of diving equipment that continues to earn industry awards and high ratings from major dive publications. XS Scuba has industry veterans creating innovative, forward-thinking and reliable products that have resulted in our stellar reputation for nearly 15 years.

XS Scuba. Everything for the perfect dive.”

– via XS Scuba‘s website.


  • masks
  • snorkels
  • fins
  • regulators


“For the past six years SeaDive has developed and field-tested, anti-reflective (ARC) mask coatings of tempered glass. SeaDive’s ARC coatings now allow almost 100% transmission of light. Standard tempered glass has a minimum of 4%-plus rate of reflection which can seriously distort underwater vision. Only SeaDive has licensed application and laboratory fabrication. SeaDive offers Rayblocker, TrueColor-HD and Hydrophobic Fog-Free Lenses.”

– via SeaDive‘s website.


  • vision enhancing masks
  • snorkels
  • fins


“Worldwide supplier of scuba diving lead weights!”

– via Sea Pearl‘s website.


  • weights & weightbelts
  • cylinders
  • valves


“JBL Enterprises Inc is the direct manufacturer of sling powered spearguns, railguns, wood spearguns, travel spearguns, pole spears, spear points, dive gear, freedive gear and accessories. Makers of the best spearguns online & worldwide for any budget. Designed and built in Oceanside, California.

Best Quality Spearguns, Pole Spears & Spear Points”

– via JBL Speargun‘s website.


  • spearguns
  • wetsuits
  • a wide range of spearfishing accessories







For all of your spearfishing needs visit Lost Winds, a proud carrier of all of these brands!

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